Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sorry SorryT_T


This post is specially dedicated to a friend.Not an ordinary friend..but my sahabat which I consider one of my best friend ..:DD

But firstly I want to tell that I dont know how to comfort people.What I am gonna do is remain silent until that people will cool first.Ego kah tu?Yes agakla..kata deena (kwn sekolah menengah)..T_T..

So to my sahabat ...Tengku Anis Diana Shahira Bt.Tengku Nasir..I am so sorry with my act last nite.I did'nt mean it.Seriously.

I miss your smile..T_T

Did'nt mean to abandon you
Did'nt mean to make you sad
Did'nt mean to make angry
Did'nt mean to take away your smile
Did'nt mean to hurt you..T_T

Hmm..I dont have any boyfriend to take care or handle.So I just have you and our friends.You all are the reason I smile.The reason that I never feel like forever alone.(bukan lesbian k..==')

hokey..dah speechless..x tahu nk ckap apa..Only Allah know what I feel.. sorry again n again..T_T

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