Thursday, October 11, 2012

I hate the evil part of me

I hate the evil part of me
I know that everybody has a good and evil side inside them, same goes with me.
 Tak nak la cerita pasal kebaikan kan, nanti riak pulakk*hehehe

Frankly, it's hard for me to hate people. But, if I am starting to hate someone,
Seriously , It gonna be  very tremendous effects because  I will hate him/her with all my heart.
*tengok, hyperbola kan ayat?* well, that’s the reality.
I know that Prophet said we must to forgive and forget other wrong doing towards us.
I can’t get rid of it and I love to see person that I hate hurts. *bunyi mcm jahat* *sigh*

O Allah, please clean my soul,increase my Iman. L

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  1. cara x mau benci org tu..ingt bnda baik dy wat kat kita.... :) insya-Allah...