Wednesday, July 30, 2014

new start, new life, new leaf semua baru lahh.

heyy, i know no one will read this. blogging era seems to be the end of it. HAHAHA,,
As you know, i have been transferred to IPSAH *well i think most of you know the reason why* *malas nak taip* in SP. so dekat dengan rumahlah. less than one hour. My life there? it was like emmmm okaylaaa. still plain. in the process of adapting, catching up the rhyme, everything was difficult at first. well i hope that ease will come after that. Still trying to collect that little faith. Truthfully, i miss all my KIC's family. well especially my gegaloks. things are different here without them. Now I realised that im playing the part as the overly attach friend. sometimes, I do cry every single night. cuz i've been missing them like crazyy. Everything I see and hear will remind me of them. Tudia the power of friendship. well i dont know if they also feel the same towards mee. naaaaah i dont caree.

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