Sunday, October 5, 2014


okay, tajuk tak kena dengan topik. yaa yaaaa whatevahh~~
Hey, guess what? I haven't start my assignment yet. Submission? daaa boleh pegi meninggal. Lately, my spirit seems to be flew away. detoriated. Reasons? idk. maybe im not happy with my life. At all. bukan aku tak bersyukur ke apa. Just like im a marionette that moving with an unwilling heart. 2 years to go weh! pray for me that i can complete my degree within this 2 years in a normal state. Takda cacat cela putus fius mana. hmmmmmm. Last week was like the happiest moment evah where i can laugh freely without any faking moment. jerantut moments. But truthfully, it's hurt cuz i know that my happiness it just for a moment. a blink of eye. they gone. harsh reality is calling me back to ipsah, make me living in a fakeness and all is well is my always. but for sure im not. ,my life have been turning upside down. Im dying here. Hambik kau post negativity tahap petala. It just that I can't hold it anymore and will explode anytime. *sigh*  And what's make u like what aaa shejbfwlej/gve when someone just told u, sokay, just foget blaa blaaa. PERGI MENINGGAL OKAY. They dont understand. They would'nt. Just imagine that, life is like a book, you enter the story in the middle part, and you dont know how the story started, and how it will be end. You just enter and feeling nothing. Blur kau tahu tak. Okeee done with meroyan part. byee

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