Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being forgotten

The day we first broke up
I didn’t know what a goodbye was
Only after a few days have passed
Not getting a call from you felt so awkward
The empty text message inbox, a day without you

I guess it’s really over now
It finally feels real
Everything that we used to love is now being erased
The times when we were always together
The days I was happy by looking at you
Were we ever in love?
The images of you in the many places
At some point are being forgotten
The fact that you’ll be even more forgotten as time goes by
That hurts even more, it just doesn’t feel good

As I was organizing things one by one
I suddenly thought of this
There were so many things I am sorry for
I wasn’t good enough so I couldn’t express myself
I know you were disappointed with me back then
On a day when it really hurts a lot
I really missed you
I was so innocent
I hated you so much

Your silly talk
Your presence that was so warm
All the things that I miss are being forgotten
That is what hurts
So I hoped you would suffer too
I hoped you will hurt without me too.

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